Payment Alerts

Wouldn’t it be great to have a gentle reminder when your premium payment is due? You can by signing up for Payment Alerts.

With Payment Alerts you choose whether to have alerts delivered to you via email, an automated phone call, or text message to your mobile phone.1

When you enroll in Payment Alerts you could receive up to 2 reminders* if we haven’t received your payment.

  • Payment due in 10-days: The first reminder is sent ten days before your premium payment is due.
  • 20-days Past Due: The second reminder is sent 20 days after you have miss your premium payment due date and your policy is at risk of lapsing.*

By setting up alerts to remind you when your premium payment is due, you can rest easy that you policy will stay active.

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For questions or assistance, please contact Customer Service at:

1-800-456-6330 (Annuities)
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How to Enroll

  1. Login to the Online Customer Service portal
  2. Select My Profile on your Policy/Contract Selection Page
  3. On the My Profile page, under Policy Settings select Edit next to the policy you would like to enroll
  4. From here you follow the steps to complete the brief enrollment process